Jolie Auberge et village de vacances (hôtel camping, 38 EUR/Nuit), prix avantageux, située à l'ouest de Cotonou, Bénin.
Preiswerte Hotel- und Ferien - Anlage (Unterkunft, Übernachtung, Bungalow, 38 EUR/Nacht), westlich Cotonou, Benin.
Nice holiday resort (hotel, motel, accommodation, bungalows, 50 USD/Night) direct at the beach, 11 km west of Cotonou.
Republic of Benin   Confédération Helvétique (Suisse), 
Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft, 
Confederation Helvetique (Switzerland)
Hotel Motel  Restaurant Camping
Béninese,   Swiss   and   international   kitchen
CEO : Moronikê Akobi
Houndodji Plage, Route des Pêcheurs, 11 km in the west of Cotonou - Fidjrossè (Benin)
08BP0912 TriPostal
DY - Cotonou, Republic of Benin
West - Africa
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See a new side of Benin ! One week with excursions for only 395 EURO
The restaurant is open all week, but monday !
Main Entrance of the Restaurant
Au Jardin Helvetia
Au Jardin Helvetia, Hotel - Restaurant - Camping, Main entrance

The Jardin Helvetia, a good accommodation place and holiday resort, embedded in a wonderful forest of coconut trees. Close to Cotonou, Republic of Benin, on the most beautiful beach of Benin (see => google/maps), GPS: N 06° 20.699', E 02° 16.050') or => Bénin (by Wolfram Alpha) You find best opportunities to relax and enjoy yourself.
The hotel-motel infrastructure has also been designed for family holidays. There is a children's playground, with swings, a small and a big pool for children, allowing them to swim, a sand-pit etc. It is also possible to arrange childcare for very small children.
There are many other activities, such as boule, garden chess, as well as table tennis , beach volleyball, horse riding, drumming and introduction to batik.
Bungalows Appenzell, Basel & Chur,
Hotel - Restaurant - Camping "Au Jardin Helvetia""
About 200m north of the Jardin Helvetia there is a huge lagoon (from Cotonou up to Ouidah) enclosed by Mangroves it
  piroge amazon hio 0321.jpg
  Lagoon surrounded by Mangroves
is a wonderful place for dozens of species of birds. You may have some undisturbed walks while watching them. It is also possible to rent a boat ( pirogue ) to make a trip on the lagoon (without engine).
The Estate Au Jardin Helvetia is situated at Houndodji-Plage (Route des Pêcheurs), 11 km west of Cotonou-Fidjrossè (Benin), and can be reached very easily by your own car or by taxi via a well prepared sand road. (see => Access)
For your accommodation you can rent a very comfortable Bungalow de luxe, or you can pass the night in a smaller, but still nice and clean Paillote.
There is also a Camping ground, where you can sleep in your own car, in your tent or under the free and cloudless African sky. Beware of mosquitos.
On the camping ground, you will find a stone grill for preparing your own barbeque.
Chief of the kitchen 
Chief of the kitchen

What a smile ???
The crew of the kitchen 
 of Jardin Helvetia
always ready

for your service !!!

To eat, there is a restaurant, overseen by the owner Moronikê, who will see that all your culinary wishes are fulfilled. You will find Bénin- and Swiss specialities (e.g.: Röschti in different variations) or other international dishes. To get an idea what to eat, just click here Restaurant.
Beach, Au Jardin Helvetia 
Tête à tête @ the beach
Very nice here isn't-it?

At the beach, there are no reserved places; everybody can choose his favourite location himself. You will always find a nice and undisturbed corner. For people who like to swim in the sea, there are always medium high waves, perfect for good swimmers or for surfers.
To see, what some of our guests have to say about their stay in the Jardin Helvetia just click for the Guestbook.
Nice and sandy beach with a huge choice of sun umbrellas
Hotel - Motel - Restaurant "Au Jardin Helvetia", Cotonou

For the best meal, and good recreation, then :
	Au Jardin Helvetia 
Restaurant   Hotel   Motel   Camping 
         Cotonou, Rep. of Benin
Cotonou, Rep. of Benin,
Mobile Phone : +229  97 52 20 70
+229  95 95 79 66

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  Here some pictures of Au Jardin Helvetiathat may be found in the Internet.
To see them bigger on a separate page, please click here.
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